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Tatung Pressure Cooker

Our electric stainless steel 6-cup multi-cooker is excellent for folks who grove on Tatung white rice, this cooker is facile to adopt with its own knob for temperature control, and grants an 6-inch by 20-inch cooking space. The included eggs are even better, but we recommend using a can or three to get the most out of this cooker.

Top 10 Tatung Pressure Cooker

The Tatung pressure cooker is a new quart inner that offers an 6-cup capacity, it imparts a digital readout screen and an automatic shut-off system. The pot renders a black anodized aluminum finish and it is manufactured with stainless steel citation, it is basic to operate with a solitary control, but is difficult to operate with two hands. The pot gives a removable non-stick coated plates that are sure-grip, the cooker grants a hewlett-packard type ac adapter for charging your devices. The 5-qt, Tatung pressure cooker is an exceptional substitute for shoppers who desiderate a small, lightweight and affordable pressure cooker. The cooker presents a visa-news descending pressure cooker with 5-lb, capacity to get straightforward and delicious meals through the automatic pressure cooker system. This cooker is moreover buddies with the Tatung home assistant to help keep cooking on point and make sure that your home is cooked every day of the week, the Tatung pressure cooker is a top-of-the-heap alternative for individuals who enjoy knows about cooking. This cooker presents an 5 quart capacity and can cook at a pressure of 10 psi, the Tatung cooker offers a dark stainless steel finish and it has a need-to- know type control that makes it effortless to customize the cooking. This cooker has 6 cups, which makes it able to cook 6-inch eggs or 6-inch bacon, it also has a new quart inner that is able to cook 2 cups of white rice. This cooker is in like manner able to cook other food such as tomato sauce, sausage, or chili, this cooker is splendid for shoppers who are scouring for an electric cooker that can handle large eggs or bacon.