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Wolfgang Puck Bistro Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is a new electric pressure cooker that is model it is a small, lightweight and affordable pressure cooker that can be used for home cooking or commercial use, the pressure cooker can easily and quickly cook food with an automatic shut-off feature. This pressure cooker is furthermore uncomplicated to clean and is available in red.

Bistro Electric Pressure Cooker

The Puck Bistro electric pressure cooker peerless for people who covet a delicious and easy-to- use stove-top skillet experience, this 6-qt model grants a hard- anodized stainless steel body and an electric pressure switch, so you can easily get a terrific cooked rice or pasta. The Bistro design means that the cooker can easily become one of your favorite kitchen assets, with the Bistro electric pressure cooker, you'll be able to cook your favorite dishes the old-fashioned way with no worry about heat retention. This Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker Bistro collection peerless for lovers who are digging for a delicious and easy-to-use pressure cooker, this cooker renders flavor that makes it top grade for stews and salads. It also produces high cooking times making it enticing for quick cooking, the qt green color is practical for cooking on the go. The Bistro 5 quart pressure cooker from Wolfgang Puck is a valuable tool for cooking on the go, it's lightweight and uncomplicated to store, making it valuable for any kitchen space. Plus, it extends an 5-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will perform beautifully for years to come, this Wolfgang Puck electric pressure cooker is an 5- qt Bistro cooker that is model it is a peerless way for an individual wanting for a pressure cooker that can handle the tight deadlines in life. This pressure cooker automatically senses and processes pressure and stays warm during the cooking process, this pressure cooker comes with a built-in safe, and comes with perfecting features such as a roasting feature and a mylar arrestor group.