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Siroca Pressure Cooker

The Siroca pressure cooker is an exceptional tool for nanci'snext-enabled kitchen, the electric pressure cooker cooks food quickly and easily, while the slow cookers keep dishes cooked in them will always be cooked. This model grants an 100% waterless design, making it sterling for admirers who itch to save water, the Siroca pressure cooker also offers a fast-start system that makes cooking easy.

Sp-d131 (with Slow Cooking Function) White Japan

Siroca electric pressure cooker SP-D131

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Compact 2L model / 1 unit 6 roles  Shiroka 2L electric pressure cooker

Compact 2L model / 1

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Cheap Siroca Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is a sensational way for enthusiasts searching for a new slow cooker option, this model is equipped with an electric cooker function and can cook food in 100 litres of water at a speed of 100 the red color is fantastic for any kitchen design. Pressure cooker is a best-in-class companion for someone who wants to cook delicious food with precision, this model comes with a smart reservation program that makes it uncomplicated to know when it's time to end the meal. The pressure cooker can hold at least six people and can easily accommodate the six cups of cooked food, the platform is likewise comfortable to adopt with an one-time release system and a timer. This pressure cooker is practical for lovers who itch to cook delicious food in a convenience that is modern and classic design, this pressure cooker is a fantastic alternative for enthusiasts who desiderate the best quality and performance from their pressure cookers. The electric pressure cooker renders a digital interface that makes it facile to navigate, and the lighted interior makes it basic to see what you're cooking, additionally, the front led light is front and center on the interface, making it straightforward to see what's inside. With its small size and light weight, 2 l electric pressure pot 2 l model / 1 order 6 roles (with is splendid for small kitchens or single people, the pressure cooker is a small, easy-to-use appliance that can do the job of a traditional pressure cooker at a fraction of the cost. The major difference is the shiroka's ability to masquerade - two different textures - now included as an option, the comes in two sizes: small and medium. It also renders several features that make it a terrific substitute for home cooking.